Infinity Recessed with Trim

Infinity Recessed with Trim

Discreet and minimalist, this recessed LED lighting solution is an efficient lighting solution for commercial, corporate and residential interior spaces.

With the possibility of bespoke customization, the Infinity Recessed with Trim can be used in a variety of interior lighting projects:

– Lighting for Museums and Cultural Spaces;
– Commercial LED Lighting Design;
– Lighting for Corporate Projects.

Transversal to the entire INFINITY range, the possibility of regulating the light flow through DALI technology and adjusting the color temperature of the LED with the Tunable White system allows total lighting control, compatible with the concept of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) focused on the circadian rhythm that controls our biological clocks.

All these features have a luminotechnical nature and can be controlled remotely using a straightforward app on your smartphone.

Through the Bespoke service provided by Begolux, it is possible to customize the chosen luminaire to perfectly fit the technical lighting design project.


Minimalist Design for Integrated and Functional Projects


Minimalist Design for Integrated and Functional Projects


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infinity xslim linear flaps suspended

Minimalist Design for Integrated and Functional Projects


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