Shipping and Returns


The shipping costs must always be agreed with the sales assistant responsible, approved by Begolux management and described in the proposal submitted by Begolux.

If Begolux is responsible for processing the order, the customer will be charged an additional amount, corresponding to the quote provided by the transport company. In the event of any situation arising, Begolux will be responsible for dealing with and resolving the problem with the carrier.

In the event that the customer is responsible for transportation, they will be responsible for picking up the order, either by their own means or by hiring a third party, at Begolux’s premises. In this situation, the responsibility for the shipping and transportation period lies with the customer.

Any other particularities regarding orders of greater weight and/or size, in any form of transportation, should be consulted with the company’s Logistics services.


For items produced in-house, the order can only be canceled before the production process begins. After that point, no exchanges or returns are accepted as these are made-to-order products.

Products manufactured in-house are those belonging to the following product families:

  • Infinity
  • Infinity Slim
  • Infinity XSlim
  • Circular Luminaires
  • Tubular Luminaires
  • Natural Materials
  • Architectural Lighting

For all other Begolux products, you must communicate your intention within a maximum of 5 days. We will then assess the case so that neither party is harmed.

In the event of a fault or defect in a product purchased from a Begolux dealer, you should contact the entity from which you made the purchase so that the return process can be initiated, in order to activate the product’s Warranty.

Example: If you bought a light fixture from a Begolux dealer, you should go to their premises and they will contact Begolux so that the product can be exchanged or returned, depending on the cause of the damage.

If you bought the product directly from Begolux, please contact and the necessary documents will be sent to you so that we can start the process.

To find out more about Begolux’s warranty conditions, please see the Warranty page.

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