Payment Terms

Products will only be delivered upon payment in accordance with the conditions agreed and expressed on the invoice.
For new customers, the first orders are subject to the following payment conditions:
Bank Transfer
Once the invoice has been issued, it will not be possible to issue a credit note due to a change in the payment terms.
Ownership of the items supplied by Begolux Iluminação, Lda will only pass to the Customer once they have been paid for in full, plus any default interest due and/or compensation.
If the Customer fails to pay the invoice on the due date, Begolux Iluminação, Lda shall be entitled to demand interest on arrears until payment in full, at the maximum annual rate in force, applied on a simple interest basis of 12%, in accordance with Ministerial Order No. 262/99 of April 12.
Begolux Iluminação, Lda may charge payments made by the Customer, first to offset pre-existing debts, then to collection costs and default interest;
Tribunal Judicial da Comarca de Gondomar
Adress: Rua Padre Augusto Maia – 4420-245 Gondomar, Portugal
Phone: +351224664330
(Last updated May 2019)
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