Circular Ring 90 Slim Suspended

Circular Ring 90 Slim Suspended

A circular pendant light with a minimalist design. With its slim profile, the Circular Ring 90 Slim Suspended adapts to any interior design.

With a direct light emission, it has five LED modules available so that it can be adjusted to the needs of each space.

With the possibility of customizing the dimensions and finishes, this luminaire is one of the LED lighting solutions we offer for the most varied commercial and architectural lighting projects, such as:

– Hotel and Restaurant Lighting Design;
– Corporate Lighting Projects;
– Lighting for Commercial Spaces;
– Lighting for Industrial Projects.

Across the entire CIRCULAR range, the possibility of regulating the light flow through DALI technology and adjusting the colour temperature of the LED with the Tunable White system, allows total lighting control compatible with the concept of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) focused on the circadian rhythm that controls our biological clocks.

These features can be controlled remotely, comfortably and at the click of a button using a straightforward app on your smartphone.

This LED ceiling luminaire fits into the most diverse architectural and technical lighting projects.

This is one of the luminaires on display at the Begolux showroom in Porto.

minimalist circular design

Sustainable and Efficient Collections

minimalist circular design

Sustainable and Efficient Collections



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