In partnership with Anabela Vanzeler Colaço Arquitetura, the Artomcor project was developed based on a raw industrial concept, following a minimalist approach.

Its image had to complement its function to create a building that would stand the test of time.

Lighting was an essential part of the project, as it had to show the true colours of the materials with a uniform and continuous flow of light. The absence of shadows was also crucial and the light temperature had to be as close as possible to natural light, since the work to be done involved dealing with colours and graphics.

The choice of light fittings followed this need since their design made it possible to trace a path of light throughout the building, with a simple and minimalist language.

In a more detailed approach, Anabela Vanzeler explains her vision behind this architectural project.

Artomcor, Arquitetura Anabela Vanzeler, Begolux
Lighting as an essential part of an Industrial Project

Artomcor, Lda. is an advertising services company based in Paços de Ferreira that decided to embark on a new phase in its journey by constructing a building that would allow it to carry out its work in a more competitive way in the market and that would aesthetically reflect its function.

The challenge of this project was to reconcile the functionality of a very extensive program in a small area, where each space in the functional program had different specificities.

A raw, industrial concept building was developed, with materiality reduced to a minimum, but carefully crafted to fulfill the various functional requirements, such as light and a constant interior temperature.

Its image could not overlap or cancel out its function, but rather help to show it soberly and simply with a building with architecture that would stand the test of time.

Light was an essential part of this project. It was necessary to show the real colour of the materials being worked on there, with continuous and constant light, without major variations throughout the day, without casting shadows on the work being done there and with a light temperature close to natural light. The large spans of the building, with light coming in through the façade structures, were complemented by the choices made in the lighting design.

The INFINITY SURFACE luminaires made it possible to trace a path of light throughout the building, with a simple, minimalist language that blends in perfectly with the architectural choices, creating at certain points a harmony between its light and the light projected from outside, with games that add beauty to the space.

The project’s technical sheet is available here.

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