Lighting trends have evolved to meet not only functional needs but also aesthetic and environmental requirements.

One of the standout trends in 2024 for architecture and interior design is the use of circular elements. This is no coincidence.

This trend aligns with naturalism, which promotes the inclusion of organic elements in interior spaces, whether through materials or the design of pieces.

Read on and discover some of the benefits of incorporating circular luminaires into your projects and learn about some of the features of this collection.

sala de estar com luminárias circulares suspensas
Product Used: Circular Up&Down Suspended
Circular Luminaires in Interior Design

Circular elements contrast with the predominance of straight lines in interior projects, bringing dynamism and fluidity to spaces.

This type of design not only offers a modern and elegant aesthetic but also promotes uniform and soft lighting. Circular luminaires allow for more homogeneous light distribution, reducing shadows and creating a more welcoming space.

Projetos de carácter Corporativo, com luminárias Begolux | Projets d'entreprise avec des luminaires Begolux | Corporate projects, with Begolux luminaires | Proyectos de carácter corporativo, con luminarias Begolux
Circular Plate Suspended
luminária suspensa redonda para cozinha e aplique LED de parede moderno
Circular Ring 90 Slim Suspended
The Influence of Circular Design on Human Beings

Moreover, the influence of circular design on human well-being is evident and is a technique that professionals in the field have been applying in their architecture and interior design projects.

A study by the QC Design School proves that using circular shapes in interior design benefits health and well-being by helping to create a calm and more comfortable environment, improving the emotional well-being of occupants.

This phenomenon occurs because curved lines and organic shapes tend to be gentler on the eyes and create a sense of continuity and flow, in contrast to the rigidity of straight and angular lines.

These types of luminaires can be used in various contexts, from residential to commercial spaces, and are available in different applications: suspended, surface-mounted, recessed, or wall-mounted.

Technology Integration in Lighting

In addition to its characteristic design, one of the features that stands out most in the Circular collection is the integration of Casambi technology into the luminaire, which guarantees greater control of lighting via mobile devices, ensuring superior performance and energy-efficient lighting.

It can also be combined with the DALI technology system, which allows greater control and customization of the luminous flux, according to the needs and preferences of the project, by changing the intensity and colour temperature.

Providing this balance to the space, through the incorporation of circular elements and the use of intelligent technology in the lighting systems, results in the creation of a final project that is harmonious and adapted to the users’ lifestyle.

Discover all the circular lighting solutions available for your next projects.

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